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Now, you can choose the best beach according to your needs

With BestGreekBeaches you can find out more about any beach in Greece that you want to visit. See your location on the map and find out which beaches are closer to you. Check out the water quality, the beach type as well as the beach facilities so that you can make the best decision according to your personal needs.

Is there any beach nearby?

BestGreekBeaches immediately locates your position in Greece and displays all the beaches that are nearby. You can move on the map and choose the one you prefer. If you already know the beach you want to visit and want to learn more useful information about it, you can use the search option on the apps' menu.

Feel safe!

The IWaterFood Research unit of the Department of Public Health of the Medical School of the University of Patras assess the official national results regarding the sea water quality in accordance with other data of the beach area and extracts the Lab Rating. This is a comprehensive assessment of the beach water microbiological quality of several continuous years (e.g yearly bacteria levels) as well as other data on various criteria (e.g household waste, surrounding area, facilities etc). This information is delivered to you at the touch of a button on your mobile phone or tablet.

What about the beach facilities?

Find out more about the facilities of the beach you are planning to visit and save time! Check if there is a parking area available, if there are any Restaurants and/or Cafe Bars where you can eat something or drink your coffee. BestGreekBeaches offer you a great deal of useful information (sunbeds, Wc, DressRooms, Shower, Accommodarion Options etc) so that you can be prepared for what you might need.

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